Gallery of Ocean Photos

This is a gallery, a few of my ocean photos from the Grace In Process blog. I hope you enjoy the views. — Joni


100_5309 100_3778 100_5027   100_6821  100_6533 100_3570    100_6521 100_6509 100_6520 100_6537   100_9192 100_9224 100_9043  100_0633 100_0415 100_0425 Heading for Shelter Flashing Orange Purple Breakwater Port San Luis  quiet-shared waiting-for-sunset blue-metal-sunset solar-reflection   100_2362 orange tinted clouds over rough green sea waterbirds walking under pier girl standing in front of tall layers of waves deep colors harbor sunset Lavender's Blue Sunset Deep Purple Sand Two waterbirds staring into sunset Wildflowers and the Pacific Ocean Overlooking the ocean at Shell Beach Deep yellow sunset sky over layers of waves Sunset range of colors from yellow to deep purples Surfer stares at brilliant sunset